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"A Synthesizer Rocket Ship"

"A ruthless savage performer

What's it like to see Matt Soverns Live

By: Erica Frank

I'm glad you asked!


Matt Soverns is a ruthless savage performer. He begins evey performance by seducing his audiences into a trance-like state, disorienting them until, in their shock and wonderment, they cannot turn away. He and his band lauches them into orbit on a synthesizer rocket ship before rendezvousing with the Stratocaster-mothership for the first triumphant guitar solo. The band repeats this cycle several times until the G-forces reduce each audience member to a puddle of boneless jelly, and then... 

and then.........

..... You'll just have to find out for yourself. Please visit the shows page to find the next available flight, or contact to book your own flights.

Who's in the band?

Nate Gray: Bass

​Tommy Cantin: Drums

Benito DiBartoli: Guitars

Matt Soverns: Keyboards, Vocals

  • Must book 4 weeks in advance