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Matt Soverns

Singer/Songwriter - Performer

Street Music Enthusaist - Comedian - Recording Artist

Upcoming EVENTS

Fair Rides

Maryland State Fair

Maryland State Fairgrounds, MD

Aug. 24-27, Sept. 7-10, 2023

5:00pm - 9:00pm


Center Stage Vintage Guitars

998 S. 10th Street. Noblesville, IN

Sept. 16, 2023


Wine Cheers

Brandywine Creek Vineyards

12524 Southeastern Ave. Indianapolis, IN

Sept. 17, 2023

2:00pm - 5:00pm

All Videos

All Videos


Dear friends,

When I was a boy, I fell in love with performing acting out Robin Williams and Disney films in my living room.

I made quirky comedy sketches for school talent shows, and thrived in community theatre.

I taught myself to play the piano, and in 2014 I began working as a professional at a wedding venue.

Almost ten years later, I'm honored and humbled to have enjoyed so much success in music.

I've performed all over the world in well over a thousand shows as a professional pianist and singer.  

I've played restaurants, bars, weddings, funerals, pool parties, barn parties, street parties...

concert halls and shopping malls...

I have played for US troops overseas, Walt Disney World guests in Disney Springs, State Fairs and the list goes on. 

I love every minute of what I do because I love filling an otherwise empty space with magic. 

In the future, I'll still be making music, writing comedy, and exploring the art of meaningful storytelling through the ancient and sacred medium of the performing arts, but I'll be joined by an ever growing community of friends and creators who feel strongly moved as I do to tell the great stories that make up our lives. Please consider joining us and please share your story with me when you can.

Very best: Matt Soverns




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